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In 2016, BrownBag ApS was created to help ambitious companies to lift job- and business performance by accessing and managing information better in their organizations. We have nearly 20 years of experience in the Market & Competitive Intelligence (MCI) industry and are regarded as industry experts.

If you want to know how AI driven technology can impact your business or how the majority of Millennials search for information compared to the generation of +40 years, give us a call and we’ll let you know.

Everybody knows how impactful data and intelligence is to a business. We know how to impact data to drive intelligent growth in your organization. 

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Information Architecture

Information Architecture

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Content- and platform supplier analysis

Content- and platform supplier analysis

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Our mission

We work with all types of organizations no matter size, geographical location or industry focus.

To build a long-lasting relationship honesty is a necessity from day one. We voice our honest opinion though it might not fit your current strategy and we always strive to deliver above what our customers expect. If we do not get things done correctly the first time, we will keep trying until we make it work. BrownBag was founded because former customers requested us to continue our commitment to them.  

“We want to become our customers most integrated and trusted business partner in the market & competitive intelligence space.”


Information Management & Search Strategy

BrownBag was hired by the Grundfos Strategic Development & Innovation department to spearhead the selection process and implementation of a new information management system. After 30 hours of strategy workshops the customer minimum requirements and technical specifications were prioritized and documented, and several international vendors invited to a test phase. BrownBag spent app. 20 hours with each vendor, benchmarking them against each other and aligning vendor capabilities with customer requirements.

Several content providers were also included in the test framework and a well-defined search strategy implemented to closely monitor global topics of interest to the Grundfos organization.

After the implementation and launch of the new information management system, BrownBag continues to serve as an external consultant adjusting the search strategy and advising the department about trends and best practices.

Valiant: Human Intelligence & Media Monitoring

Group PSA

Monitoring EV Initiatives Worldwide

BrownBag delivers week-to-week intelligence on EV initiates to a selected group of innovation & strategy managers. The information gathered by the BrownBag Human Intelligence team is manually selected across local and global markets (translated into English if needed) and delivered by e-mail on a weekly basis.

A detailed selection manual determines what type of information is relevant for the readers and includes subjects like: battery technology, new EV models, Tier I, II, III suppliers, EV research & competitive activities in the EV segment.


Information Management Platform

For the global enzyme manufacture Novozymes, BrownBag assisted them in scouting different information management platforms, aligning minimum requirements with platform capabilities and managed the selection process from start to finish.

The overall objective was to introduce a new digital platform for all employees to search, find and consume information across scientific publications, market news, patents, and media clippings. 5 different information management platform providers from Sweden, Finland, Denmark, United Kingdom and the US were invited and underwent extensive scrutiny with more than 150 benchmark questions.

Over a period of 5 month, the Novozymes minimum requirements were collected and prioritized, the platform providers tested and evaluated, and the future platform provider contract drafted.

Københavns Kommune

Information Retrieval & Delivery

Københavns Kommune and BrownBag developed a concept to quickly identify user needs for external information and through a web-application create an interaction between information specialist and end-users to create a personalized information service.

The concept was based on both freely available and licensed information and provided an efficient workflow with a high degree of transparency and alignment of user needs and information delivery.

Air Liquide

Market Intelligence Provider Analysis

Air Liquide hired BrownBag to assist them in choosing the most suitable market intelligence provider to facilitate a global media monitoring platform. The task was divided into several priorities with access to premium and online content being the most critical, with scalability, year2year budget and on the fly translation as secondary priorities.

After 4 sessions defining the needs assessment, BrownBag created the RFP material to be presented to selected market intelligence providers. We analyzed 4 different platforms across 56 parameters and chose the one most suitable for the task.

Novo Nordisk

Information Management technology

Over a 6-month period, BrownBag assisted Novo Nordisk in evaluating several new information management platforms to replace their old system. The new platform concept should contain information from media, scientific publishers, patent databases, regulatory authorities, clinical trials databases and other selected key sources.

The technology providers were tested across +200 features including big data capabilities, artificial intelligence, crawling & content integration, smart recommendation & clustering and data visualization. BrownBag assisted the library team throughout the entire process and handed over a comprehensive recommendation report with key findings.


Market Intelligence Strategy & Information Management

BrownBag was hired to co-develop the future strategy for the Nuuday Market Intelligence department. The project goal was to optimize the way Nuuday Market Intelligence provide comprehensive market intelligence and market insights to brand companies like youSee, Telmore, TDC Erhverv, Hiper, Relatel, Blockbuster & NetDesign.

During several workshops BrownBag and the market intelligence team outlined and defined the strategy. Afterwards selected content- and technology providers were invited to make a bid for the different assignments. All technology providers were benchmarked across 50 different parameters before choosing the most suitable partner for the future developments.